Andrew F.

Catherane Skillen went above and beyond and did a superb job selling my property. Like many homeowners in the last few years, I was underwater with my mortgage and had burned through the equity in the house. The value had increased since I bought it, but I had refinanced so many times I had spent that equity and could no longer afford the mortgage. In short order, Catherane was able to secure a buyer who paid $800,000 for a duplex I had purchased for $100,000. Her skillfulness as a realtor was my financial salvation during a difficult time. Losing my home was very upsetting and Catherane handled me with sensitivity and always had my best interests top of mind when I was very distracted by that loss and a simultaneous transition in my career. Completely as a favor to me when I had to move quickly from closing escrow to finding an apartment, Catherane took me all over Los Angeles to help me find a new place to live. While I was still living at my now former residence, she was very mindful and considerate in organizing times to show the property that provided the least interference with my life. She handled all negotiations with the buyer and details of the escrow process efficiently and professionally. I would emphatically state that any homeowner looking to sell or prospective buyer looking to buy property would be in great hands working with Catherane Skillen.

C and JM.

We've worked with Catherane for many years on three different transactions, and we found her to be very professional on each one. She and her partner listed our Windsor Square home, guided us on what to do to make it ready to sell by making strategic decorating and repair changes and advised how to use our funds wisely for optimal results. She was able to give us good council during a difficult real estate market, and with her assistance, advice and positive energy, we were very satisfied with the results. She knew the best sources for promoting the sale of our home, screened applicants well so that we would not be unduly burdened, concentrated on prospective buyers that she knew to be genuine possibilities and conducted the open houses and all negotiations and contracts in a professional manner. Once we sold our house, we found ourselves in the unfortunate and difficult position of suddenly losing the home we had bid on and wanted. However, she worked diligently and found us a home to lease at the last minute not just any home, but the perfect home for our particular needs at the time. She did this for us while knowing it was a temporary home, as she always takes care of her customers. She negotiated the lease for us and successfully argued for a deposit reduction, took many photos of the house to have a record of what damage was already there and was there for the walk through when we moved out to be sure we were protected and had no extra payments levied on us. When we moved into our rental home, we told Catherane to contact us in 10 months to begin looking together for a home to purchase. She called us after about two weeks of our moving in to make sure everything in our rental was working well and was able see that a few items were taken care of for us or upgraded. She then called us after 6-7 months to inform us that the market had moved lower, that there were few really good houses available and that it would be in our interest to be actively on the lookout for new listings in order to find and purchase a home that we would be happy with before it was sold to others. We agreed, and within 45 days she found what ended up being the ideal house for our needs at an extremely good price for our budget. We could not be happier with both Catherane and our new home.

-Mark and Christine B.

I have known Catherane for more than 25 years, as a dancer! When my Mom had her first stroke, I knew that I was in for a marathon journey. Catherane helped me so very much with evaluating my Mom's house, and with the myriad details that lay ahead. After my Mom died, Catherane and Jane successfully marketed my Mom's house amid the worst national economy since the 1930's and they did it with grace and dignity. Further, they were able to sell our townhouse and get us into a lovely home during that same rough time! The many papers and details that have to be considered in any real estate transaction can be overwhelming, to say the least. Catherane was terrific in helping us navigate these difficult waters.

Joan and Bill V.

My husband and I met Catherane 2 years ago when we purchased our current condominium. She really was an ideal broker. Knowledgable, but not pushy, helpful in negotiating, fair, always available when necessary, and full of detailed information about the building. The best thing to say, is I wish I had her on my team with any transaction I was doing. She would be a plus to any company.